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Murder, Bristol Fashion

It is Victorian Bristol 1864 and Louisa Grey emerges as a young sleuth with talent aplenty from the pages of this crime novel, the first to be written by R P Chamberlin

She is an incredibly determined young lady who “out sleuth’s” Inspector Turnham beautifully. Even after it becomes possible to guess “who dunnit” there are some twists and turns demanding the reader’s attention. The historic background is well painted, as is the part of Bristol which the crime is set in. Today, as the author reminds us in her notes on People and Places, despite apparent progress 150 years on, we still have unacceptable abuse of girls and women. The theme around which the plot is developed is a reminder of the how respectability can too easily mask levels of sanctimonious hypocrisy with very cruel consequences.

I am left wondering – will there be a sequel? I hope so! Louisa

certainly merits one!

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