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The Women in the Room

Sloane brings to her writing a wealth of practical experience of the ongoing struggle to acquire and use political power to change the lives of women and their families for good. The Women in the Room turns the spotlight on the stories of those whose skills and energy were vital to the emergence of the Labour Party but whose stories have thus far received little attention. She has done a lot of research to tease out the detail that helps to make sense of the way in which such women in late nineteenth century and early twentieth Britain sought to change the social and economic conditions which made life a struggle Sometimes this was as part of the suffragist organisations which drove forward the demand for equal franchise. But trade union activity and the associated drive to political representation was considered by some to be equally, or more, effective. The Vote 100 celebrations offered opportunities to learn more about how the vote for all men over 21, and some women, was achieved just over 100 years ago. This book adds depth and breadth to understanding the long path towards women playing their full part in bringing about a better future for all.

The Women in the Room: Labour’s Forgotten History: Nan Sloane: I.B. Tauris (

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