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Following a trail....

This grey February day I had an unexpected hour to while away. Through some ‘idle googling’ I happened onto the Plymouth Trail App

This led me to Plymouth Powerful Women – 100 Years of Progress and some inspirational stories of women who made a difference to the lives of countless others in Plymouth between 1919-2019; from better known ones like Angela Rippon and Nancy Astor to lesser known ones who have made, and are making, Plymouth and the world a better place.

Their diverse endeavours provide just the right cocktail to lift dampened spirits suffering the combination of the clouds in the sky and on the news media. Well, it did for me anyway!

The authors have through their work captured the essence of something to counter the daily digest of the more dispiriting stuff. Those contributing their time and energy above and beyond the daily round of what makes life tick are worth appreciating and supporting. Their efforts, which are ongoing daily, are a true antidote to some of the harsher aspects of life.

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